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I posted about this picture yesterday evening, but in case you missed it, some sweet person has been putting these on the small businesses in downtown Waxahachie! It completely blessed my day...and I have heard from other business owners how it has blessed them as well. I left mine on my door so that when people walk by, and when we go in and out, we are reminded that there is just so much goodness in the world...even in today's world! 

I've sat here for a few hours working on our website and I can see it there on the front door window from my desk. It's movement has caught my eye more than once and it got me thinking. See, yesterday was beautiful. It was sunny and not that windy. That little red heart just laid against my window, barely fluttering now and then. A little beacon of hope and love to all who saw it.

Today, however, is a different story. It has rained on and off, it's humid enough to curl your hair, and the wind is blowing a gale, and that heart should be long gone by now! Obviously heavy duty tape was used, because it is still clinging on for dear life. It's kind of crumpled and curled, and a bit faded, but it's still there...hanging on for dear life.

Life is so this way! One day calm and the next a Pandemic, or a Tornado...or worse. We just can't control it or predict it. But, we can hang on! We can spread goodness! We can control our attitudes and our decisions!

A friend and I texted this morning. We haven't seen each other for a while and we vowed to have lunch when this is all behind us and really catch up. But she said something in her text that stuck with me. She said, "Not to be overly poetic or anything but I've truly noticed, it's like it (the Shelter in Place and slowing life down order) keeps the channels think...for be creative......!" Gah...isn't that lovely? That is someone who is hanging on, spreading goodness, controlling her attitude and decisions. I hope and pray I become more like her every day from this day forward...Corona Virus or NOT!

Y'all be blessed. Look for GOOD! Be the GOOD! Create the GOOD! Now, excuse me...I'm going to rescue my sweet little red heart before it tears and blows away for good!