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The Modern Southern Belle

The Modern Southern Belle

Hi Y'all,

It's been a full month since closing the doors on the Multitudes store front, and I think I have finally wrapped my head around what is next for this small business! 

When I opened back in 2014, my goal was to be a local store that you could run in and snag something cute to wear without having to go to the big city. Hence our tagline, "Big City Trends at Small Town Prices." And, I think we succeeded in that goal...thanks to you and your loyalty!

But as time marched on, it became evident that change was needed. This is due in part to industry changes, local city and county changes, and also personal changes. So, I began thinking deeply about Multitudes and what it was, was trying to be, and where it needed to go.  

So spring forward to today, almost exactly eight years later, and my vision for what lies ahead is clear. 

Multitudes is here for the Modern Southern Belle, because I believe that is who you are. 

Through the ages, Southern Belles have loved tradition, manners, family, beautiful things, their God, and putting their best foot forward. Today, the Modern Southern Belle embraces all these things, but does so with their eyes wide open. They are deeply aware of their history, and vow to make their time in the South a better place for all. 

I could go on here, but I invite you to follow along with us on our socials (Instagram and Facebook) as we journey ahead to define exactly what attributes encompass a Modern Southern Bell and her style, her personality, and her beliefs. 

And, we are doing all of this online, because Modern Southern Belles love the convenience online shopping brings to their busy lives. 

Thank you for continuing to be a loyal customer! We are forever grateful!!

Kelly, Susan, & Molly