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We heard you! Thank you for taking our survey!!

We Listened and Are Making Some Changes!

First, thank you so much to all of you who took the time to take our survey last month! And, thank you for alllllll the amazing comments you made! 

Surveys like this are so helpful to us! We learn so much about our business and about you, our customers! After we download the results, we as a team go through and analyze every answer and comment. Then, we plan ahead accordingly! Here are some key items that came from our 2021 Survey...and what changes you will expext to see as a result!

  1. We cater to all ages! Our buying had gotten a little heavy handed on the young look for more conservative, trendy looks for those of us not able to wear crop tops anymore! The crops will still be there for all you young girls...but we will incorporate the other as well!
  2. Our customers come from all over. This will determine how we buy as well. We will offer more options for customers who have cooler summers, and super cold winters. 
  3. About a third of you have joined our VIP Facebook Group! Yeah! For those of you who haven't, please do...and invite your's just an invite, they don't have to join. And, it helps us more than you know.
  4. 90 % of y'all watch, or catch our lives later! Thank you!! This is a great way for you to see how our clothes fit, see what it being launched...and hey, you might win a giveaway!
  5. Comment Sold is not important to y'all. So, we are going back to our old school way! You can simply order online
  6. It was recommended that we get an APP! This is so close to being launched...probably within the month! Watch out for it..and also be ready for an amazing giveaway that comes with it!
  7. Your style is alllll over the place...but mostly, you love casual everyday styles that are cute and on the trendy side. 
  8. You love a great deal, but will spend a little more if you really love something or if it has great quality. We try to hard to offer a variety of prices, and you agreed that we do! 
  9. Your favorite things about us are our you love our Variety of Styles and our Girls! Mary, Bailey, & Bella were blown away by alllll the amazing things you said about them! I love my team so much and I'm so glad you do, too! And Variety...we will definitely keep that up! There were so many other great things you said...but these were clearly the favs.
  10. What can we do better? Like I mentioned above...offer more styles for those of us who are past the crop top stage! Will do! Y'all also asked for more work clothes, dressy date-night clothes, more XLs (we do look for these and snag them when we can), and make sure we have sizes available when you want to buy something. This is also something we are working on...we are buying deeper so we have more sizes! You also asked for a size filter on the is coming, along with a better size chart. You also asked for more Girly/Chic styles and not as many Country Chic styles. We used to offer more...and we are brining this BACK! Be looking for an even larger variety of styles!
  11. 75% of you wanted us to offer Box Bundles! We launghed one this month. It is a Country Chic One...but they won't all be that genre. Right now, we are planning 4-6 for 2021! If we see that y'all continue to enjoy them...we will continue to offer! 
  12. You love our events...especially when we collaborate with other businesses! 50% of y'all love Ladies Night Out and all our Saturday fun events! We will keep this up...cause we love a good party!
  13. You LOVE our promos and sales! If you haven't joined our email list or text club...or so...cause we send our deals weekly!
  14. About 60% of y'all asked us to offer more gift items! We will do some digging at next market and see what we can add!
  15. When we asked about 1 thing we could bring in that we dont' offer...the number one thing was a wider variety of jean styles! Noted and ordered! Y'all also want us to carry purses and belts. We are currently looking for these! Other items that seemed hot on your lists were more accessories, loungewear, hats, shoes, and good sunglasses. We are looking to fill these wishes as I type!
  16. 16. When you shop, the most important things to you are customer service, price, variety of styles, quality, and whether your size is still available. We heard you...and we are making these our top priorities as we move forward! 
  17. 17. Over 1/2 of you were interested in being a Brand Rep. We are about to launch this looking out for our first ones! We hope to grow this please be watching for when we launch the next round!
  18. 18. On your next tee you want to see these themes: Texas, Western, Family, Love & Kindness & Christian. We are working to bring in a larger variety of graphic tees. Honeysuckle is a brand that Speaks with a Southern Drawl. This will not change, but we will bring in other offerings for those of you that don't like Country Chic as much!

And, that's it in a nutshell! As we move forward into 2021, we hope you will continue to shop with us and that your experience with Multitudes will only get better and better!! We adore you, and do NOT take it lightly that we would not be here without y'all!! 

Have an amazing day!



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