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Multitudes Boutique. Best Online Boutique. 200 W Main St. Waxahachie, TX 75165. Big City Trends at Small Town Prices

I opened Multitudes in 2014 in a tiny storefront with the desire to offer women a unique shopping experience right here in my historic hometown of Waxahachie, TX. My dream was to combine small town service with big town trends by providing forward-thinking, style-setting goods. No more driving to the big city!

Well, three re-locations and an online store later, Multitudes is now housed in the old historic bank building at the corner of Main & Rogers; and has become a thriving small business with a strong local and growing national presence. My team and I work hard everyday to curate a selection of trendy affordable clothing, shoes, and accessories, while at the same time offering Texas hospitality with the best customer service around!

Also, we LOVE our customers and love socializing with y'all! So I invite you to follow along on our accounts and sign up for our emails and text messaging cause you never know what we might be up to...awesome discounts, behind the scenes shenanigans, new trends and arrivals, and so much more! Y'all, I am blessed beyond measure to get to live out this crazy dream with people I love everyday, and I am thankful to everyone who has supported me over the past six years!

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 Kelly Hale, Owner

Susan Scruggs. Multitudes Boutique. Best Online Boutique. Big City Trends at Small Town Prices.

Susan Scruggs is my mom. She has been with the Boutique from the beginning, and I don't say this lightly...but I really couldn't do it without her! REALLY! She is my rock, the voice that keeps me sane, and the steady in this up and down business! I can't thank her enough for EVERYTHING she does to help make me...and the store...successful! Love you, Mom!

Mary Crook. Multitudes Boutique. Best Online Boutique. Big City Trends at Small Town Prices

Mary Crook is my cousin...but really she's more like my little sister! She been with Multitudes since 2016 and brings so much creativity to the team. She is responsible for all our social media, marketing, and she's one gorgeous model! I LOVE having her work beside me every day!

Bailey Bennett. Multitudes Boutique. Best Online Boutique. Big City Trends at Small Town Prices.

Bailey Bennett has been with me since 2017 and honestly, I feel like she is another daughter! She is a little work horse and the dedication and vision she brings to my dream is above the call! And...look at her! She is adorable, so of course she is a model for us! I'm so proud of her and pray she is with us for the longhaul!

Bella Scruggs. Best Online Boutique. Multitudes Boutique. Big City Trends at Small Town Prices.

 Bella Scruggs is my precious niece. She came on board summer 2019 and we keep discovering all her hidden talents! This girl is creative! She is now in charge of merchandising our floor, our mannequins, and our flatlays! Need an outfit on her! And y'all, her smile! She's a beauty and we are so proud she is on our team!