Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday Box Of Joy

Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday Happy Birthday Gift Box Of Joy



What's the occasion? It's her birthday and you want to give her something unique and fun to brighten her special day! What's better than a box of goodies she can enjoy!

What's in the box? A "celebrate" champagne glass for her birthday toast and some birthday cake caramels she can munch on! A vanilla and myrrh candle to fill her house with yummy scents on her special day! A birthday banner, queen flag, and crown she can show off so everyone knows it's her extra special day! A mini cupcake she can unwrap for a surprise and a wish capsule to make her birthday wish come true! 

  • "celebrate" champagne glass
  • Sugarfina birthday cake flavored caramels
  • Vanilla and myrrh candle
  • Birthday banner
  • Queen flag
  • Birthday crown
  • Cupcake surprise
  • Wish capsule

*When you checkout, in the comment section, write the name of the person the box is FROM (you) so we can sign the card!*

*Pretty please put HER address in the shipping section and YOURS in the billing section*

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