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Harper Genuine Horn Earrings

  • $48.00

The Harper Genuine Horn Earrings are unique and will be a fun addition to your jewelry case! For a trendy vibe, these Stacked Earrings have geometric triangles painted with lavender lacquer, along with squares painted with lacquer leopard print. They are incredibly lightweight, eco-sourced from real horn, and will make a statement!


  • Your Earrings are made from all-natural material and the horn color may vary slightly from what is shown
  • While all horn is very similar in appearance, no two are exactly the same
  • This guarantees the uniqueness of each piece and ensures your amazing jewelry is truly one of a kind
  • The horn for this piece is sourced via traditional cultural methods from Vietnamese water buffalo.
  • The animals are not harmed in any way to obtain their horn
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Imported
  • Approx 3-3.5"